My own Dr P. My brother, friend and Presido that year.

Then my baby Ada💕 my Adira’s birthday mate, the one that asks me questions that leads me back to Bible study, plus all the plenty deep conversations about so many things. I’m glad to have been part of many phases of your life (the ups and the downs), and especually this beautiful journey of forever bliss.

This beautiful union gladdens my heart. From the first time I was informed and even now as we count down to 13th April and April happens to be my wedding anniversary too, Awwwwwww.

I honestly feel so elated cos not only are these 2 special humans individually dear to my heart and that of my family, their union is also another proof that indeed *God is the  perfect match marker*

I wish you both nothing short of bliss and all the goodies that come with Godly union. Even in the storms, you both will weather it together under God.

Cheers to forever.


Still can’t contain my joy 💕😘 🥳 🎉

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