Ada weds UgoO

Their Love Story

(The Ultimate Alignment)

This is a story of Ada and Ugo’s journey towards meeting each other. A love story that looks too good to be true.

This story starts way before Ugo and Ada ever met. Sit back, grab your popcorn and enjoy the ride.

Meet Ada

Ada is a vibrant young woman who loves the Lord with all her heart. A scene opens up where she has her first experience of seeing a vision.

This is her first encounter with an understanding of her purpose. The Holy Spirit explains the vision to her, but it’s just a line and a precept. Not the full picture. More is to come and while she waits, she gets busy in her Jerusalem, serving the Lord.

After she sees the vision, the Lord tells her the year she’ll meet her husband and begins to teach her how to recognize him when he shows up. These teachings give her a meticulous, customized template on the key factors which will make it abundantly clear that he’s the one. She learns that first, we marry for God and for kingdom, then every other thing will be added unto us. Ministerial compatibility and agreement is the bedrock of every marital union.

Ada insists on receiving a name because, that seems to be in vogue in the Christendom. It’d sound more convincing to say that the Lord showed you a name or even a vision of your partner. She’s never heard that God works with templates. Nobody ever told that story and it seems pretty alien to her.

Then, the Lord inspires a story in her heart. The story is called, “The Alignment.” She starts writing it as inspired by the Holy Spirit, happy that it’s blessing lives. Little does she know that it is a prophetic writing and that in no distant time, she’ll meet the person she’s writing about. When the Lord has brought her to the end of the book one, He tells her to stop there for the time being.

The rest of the year and the following year, will find Ada experiencing a leap in spiritual growth and revelation of purpose, which will propel her in destiny, while helping her recognize her husband and make her suitable for him.

Just like the signs of the end times that declare the coming of the Messiah, she looks at her template everytime a young man comes knocking. That saves her a lot of time and energy. She doesn’t need to pray each time someone shows up. She has a template which automatically eliminates a lot of brothers and narrows her vision to exactly what she’s to look out for. When she sees it, she’ll know without a shadow of doubt that this is it.

Then the time comes after that, when the Lord tells her to start preparing for her future home. She’s a bit confused, because who prepares for a home without a man by her side? Now she wishes she had taken that instruction more seriously as, before she could say Jack Robbinson, she’s well on her way to being a family woman.

On meeting her Kingman, Ada pulls out her template to compare. Lo and behold, he is the mirror image of it.

Let’s take a look at how the Lord was dealing with Ugo, before he met Ada.

Meet Ugo

We see Ugo, a young man who loves and fears the Lord. He isn’t looking for a wife. He is busy ministering to the Lord. Matter of fact, he begins to consider the ways of the Apostle Paul at some point, but the Holy Spirit is having none of that.

At this particular point in his life, God begins to reveal purpose to him. He isn’t very thrilled by what the Lord seems to be telling him. So he takes to his heels, hoping that the Lord will get the message and leave the matter alone. But the Lord is stronger that he (wait, lemme laugh 😂).

After a season of running, he accepts his mantle and this will set the course of his life forever. In a vision, Ugo gets an invitation to his call and a template for his assignment. 

Already established in purpose, he is learning the truth about the principles of the Christian faith, acquiring valuable skills, serving the Lord, getting equipped for the work of the ministry.

Just like Adam in Eden, the Lord looks at him one day and says, it is not good for Ugo to be alone. His wife is literally brought to him, having already been prepared by the Lord. Recognizing his bone, he confirms with the Holy Spirit and names her Ezer.

The ride gets more interesting from hereon. The details are even more intriguing, but we’ll stop here for now.

You can get the fiction, “The Alignment.”

It was written way before we even came together and therefore, is not our story. However, it looks a great deal like a prophetic connotation of it.

Click  the button below to order your own copy of the book, The Alignment.

Their Love Notes

I hope your popcorn hasn’t finished, ’cause there’s more. Ada and Ugo wrote love notes to each other. They will not like this, but I no send.

Sit back and enjoy. Chai, I love “love” shaa.

Wedding Details


To the hour

Colors of the day

Lilac stands for a unique blend of elegance, youthfulness, and inspiration. It's a color that whispers of romance, invites creativity, and hints at a hidden allure.

Its significance lives on, both as a reminder of a revolutionary discovery and as a shade that continues to captivate hearts and minds.

Purple is created by mixing red (the color of the flesh) and blue (the Word of God and His healing power). Then, it’s no surprise that purple in the Bible represents royalty (Judges 8:26) because it was an expensive dye in ancient times.
Purple also describes Jesus as the King of kings (Revelation 19:16), which is why it is the official color of Advent. Beyond that, purple also represents the holy priesthood. Through the Word of God and the Lord’s healing power, we can gain access to God’s wisdom and power and take up the sacred priesthood.

Cream color represents purity, innocence, new beginnings and tranquility. It is a color that is associated with the divine, which is often depicted in white or cream-colored robes.

The color, cream, is also said to represent the heavens, as it is a color that is often seen during sunrises and sunsets. It can also be found in nature, such as in the feathers of a dove, in the petals of a flower, or in the shells of some sea creatures.

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Their Vows

And because of what Jesus has done. In the name of our Lord Jesus, king of our home. By the power of the Holy Spirit, lover of our souls. You and I, tightly knitted and bonded together in Christ.

Bone of my bone. Flesh of my flesh. Inseparable till eternity. Hidden in Christ in God. Living in Christ. Moving in Christ. Seated together with Him in the heavenly places. Having our being in Him.

We abound in endless love in the oneness of genuine fellowship and the sanctity of our union. Holy unto the Lord. Holy unto each other. We abound in grace in the harmony of true unity. We abound in good health and prosperity even as our souls prosper.

We solemnly confess strength to our bones, life to our souls, our bodies quickened by the Holy Spirit. We abound in peace, ruling as an umpire in our hearts and our home. Established in truth, flourishing in the spirit. The tree by the waters. A field the Lord has blessed. Rivers whose streams make glad the city of God.

We abound in joy, rejoicing always and making merry in our hearts to the Lord. We abound in wealth, God our Father supplying our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

We vow and agree to walk together, in the communion of the Holy Spirit, praying together, loving continually, from glory to glory. I’ll love and honour you. All the days of my life. 

This is my solemn vow.


Goodwill Messages


Onyefulu Ugo.. as you were fundly called during our secondary school days have been a beacon of inspiration to I and some others, this is me wishing you a blissful married life.. God bless your new home.. Dr..

Kalu Nneoma Igu

Dr. Possible 🤗This is what I used to save your contact on my phone. I met you on Facebook, with inspiring write ups and stories. It usually feels like I’ve known you since.

I’m very verrrryy excited. I kept jumping for joy. Your story encourages me that I’d get it right in getting married to the one right just for me .

Congratulations Ma ❤️

Bolanle Ayo

Everything about this speaks God-ordained! And I’m all for kingdom unions!!!💃🏽💃🏽Congrats Dr Pascal & Ada your home is super blessed in Jesus name!

Nnamani Joshua

Congratulations 🎊 💐  my very own people.

Wishing you a blissful marital experience.

Your home is already blessed

Franklyn Ofime



This is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in our sight.

Miracle Nweze

Wow Wow wow, This union is forever blessed and sealed by God Himself,Amen.

God is with you both. Amen🙏

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How he bent the knee

You scrolled all the way down? Kudos! 

For achieving this feat, you get to see the exclusive video of how love made this strong man bend the knee. Hehehe! I no fit laugh.

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